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From : system@vercel.com

To : windwords001@icloud.com

Subject : Your domain blog.windwords.me needs to be configured


Invalid Domain Configuration

Hi windwords,You have added the Domain blog.windwords.me to the Project blog on Vercel but it needs to be configured.

To configure the Domain, set the following record on your DNS provider (recommended):

name type value

blog CNAME cname.vercel-dns.com

Alternatively, you can also change your Domain’s nameservers to the following intended set:



We will periodically check your Domain and notify you when we detect a change.

If you do not want to receive reminders about updating the configuration of your Domain, you can remove it from your Project.

Thank you.

Vercel Inc. - vercel.com

If you’d like to talk to a Support Team member, simply reply to this email.


于是我去信询问为何一直这样报错(无视我的垃圾英语水平 >_<):

From : windwords001@icloud.com

To : support@vercel.com

Subject : Re: Your domain blog.windwords.me needs to be configured


I have received such emails time and time again, but my DNS has been set up:

blog CNAME cname.vercel-dns.com

www CNAME cname.vercel-dns.com

How to eliminate or turn off this prompt?





From : support@vercel.com

To : windwords001@icloud.com

Subject : RE: Re: Your domain blog.windwords.me needs to be configured


Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch, I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty using the Vercel platform.

It appears your domain may be using Cloudflare with the proxy option enabled, this is likely the root cause of the issue you are facing.

At Vercel, we support this configuration without any issues, but you may need an additional configuration. Please read this support article for more information.

If you are facing difficulties configuring Cloudflare, we recommend that you reach out to their support channel.


根据邮件的指引看了下支持文档,其中说不能使用CloudFlare的Proxy功能,应设置为仅DNS(支持文档过长,这里只截取需要部分,其余用(* * *)代替):

How do I use a CloudFlare domain with Vercel?

If your domain is using Cloudflare’s Nameservers and you plan to use it as a custom domains on your project, you may need some minor steps to ensure the domain will work correctly.

Without Proxy

(* * *)

With Proxy

A Cloudflare proxy works as an intermediary between your domain and Vercel, which is the hosting provider. We don’t recommend that you enable the Cloudflare proxy unless you have specific constraints for your project since it will introduce a minor performance penalty to your website due to the additional hop. You need to insert a CNAME record with the value cname.vercel-dns.comor an A record with the value

It is highly recommended that you don’t use the Cloudflare CDN with Vercel. When new deployments are created, the Vercel platform is unable to purge the content cached on Cloudflare. If your visitors load a cached /index.html requiring /static/script-abc.js, but this file is missing both in the new deployment and the Cloudflare CDN, the website will break. Therefore, turning off the Cloudflare CDN for pages is recommended to avoid any breakage. Please refer to the Cloudflare documentation for further information.

(* * *)

(* * *)





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